New Necrons for November

The new and improved Necrons will be hitting our store shelves as of 5 November 2011.  Games Workshop has completely reworked the army, putting out a new hardcover codex, revamping many of the core units, and changing the special characters from pewter to finecast resin.

New plastic models include the Necron Lychguard (49-07, $39.50), the Necron Immortals (49-10, $39.50), the Doomsday Ark (49-11, $59.50), and the Catacomb Command Barge (49-12, $39.50).

New finecast models include the Flayed One pack (49-42, $55.00), the Necron Overlord (49-60, $20.75), the Necron Cryptek (49-62, $19.00), Imotekh the Stormlord (49-63, $20.75), and Trazyn the Infinite (49-65, $20.75).

Several special characters formerly available in metal are now in finecast, including the C’tan Nightbringer and Deceiver models, and the Necron Lord and Resurrection Orb.

Photos have been leaked all over the internet, so I won’t reproduce them here.  They do look amazing!  Richard will be placing orders this week, so if you’ve always wanted a Necron army, give him a call and get him to reserve you some units.


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