This Spud’s For You!

Fischer Tip is a modeling material made in Germany by the legendary Fischertechnik GmbH.  Fischer Tip was launched in 1998, and was given a big thumbs-up from European testing organizations because of its totally non-toxic character and its limitless imaginative potential.  Kids love it because they can let their imaginations run wild!  Parents love it because it’s a safe and easy product to use.

Fischer Tip is manufactured in Germany from potato starch and non-toxic food dye.  The coloured starch is extruded into a puffy cylinder (kind of like a snack food) and chopped into easy-to-handle pieces.  This environmentally-friendly material sticks together without glue — the pieces need only be moistened using a damp sponge and pressed together so that they adhere.  The pieces may be safely cut and shaped using the included plastic cutting tool.  Larger sets may include more tools, including stencil inserts that pieces may be squished inside to form “brick” shapes, rasps for shaving pieces into different shapes, templates, and so on.

We have a number of different sets in stock, from small “try-me” sets at $10 (about 80 pieces plus sponge, cutting tool, and instructions) to much larger sets with hundreds of pieces and more accessories.

This is great stuff for quick, clean crafts with minimal clean-up.  It’s light as air, so it travels well, and the only thing you need is a damp sponge, so there’s really no mess (your in-laws will thank you!)  Fischer Tip is a super choice for something to keep kids amused and creative, and the art that kids have created with it can be pretty breathtaking!


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