Q-Bitz: Visual Dexterity, Cubed.

I would like to admit, right off the bat, that I didn’t make up that nifty headline.  I stole it from Mindware, the publisher of Q-Bitz, who used it as the tagline for the game.  It’s a clever little statement, which describes a fun little game.

Q-Bitz is a game for 2 to 4 players.  It’s not so much a strategy game as it is a race to see, solve, and replicate patterns on the 120 different Q-Bitz cards.  The twist comes in that the game is played in sets of three rounds, and each round calls upon different, if allied, skill sets.  In the first round, players race to recreate the pattern on the randomly-chosen card, rotating their sets of cubes as necessary.  The first player to complete the task wins the card.  So far, so good.

The second round, however, introduces an element of luck.  Each player rolls his cubes like dice and uses as many as possible to recreate elements of the pattern card.  Those cubes whose faces cannot be used are re-rolled, and so on.  Again, it’s a race — the first person who manages to roll all the necessary faces, wins the card.

The third round calls upon players’ memory skills.  They study the pattern card (again, randomly chosen) for 10 seconds, after which it is turned over and players compete to see who can complete the pattern from memory.  The player who first completes the pattern — or who at least has most segments — wins the card.

The game rewards visual discrimination, memory, and pattern-matching skills.  There is no strategy involved, since in any round it’s always ultimately a race to win the card. It’s a fun, quick game to play with children aged 7 or 8 and up.  Contains 12 cards, 4 wooden trys, 4 sets of 16 cubes, and rules in English, French, and Spanish.

CAD$29.99  In stock now.


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