It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing (Arm)

The term “Renaissance Man” might as well have been coined specially for Leonardo da Vinci — he was an artist, engineer, inventor, mathematician, sculptor, architect, and more.  Part of da Vinci’s genius lay in the way that he could analyze and improve upon existing technology, thus producing stronger bridges, more effective siege engines, and catapults that were deadlier at longer range. (Not to mention more beautiful buildings and paintings!)

Da Vinci redesigned the medieval catapult around 1485, producing a war machine that used the spring-like energy stored in the bent wood in order to give power to the swing arm.  Now, thanks to Pathfinders Design and Technology, your little warrior can have his or her very own catapult!

The da Vinci Catapult kit allows kids (and adults) to construct a working model of the 15th century catapult, using natural untreated wood (from sustainable forests, naturally).  All pieces are pre-cut, and ready to go.  Parts that are stressed are pegged together for extra strength.  The catapult takes about an hour to construct, and will fire the included “cannonball” about 4 metres (we haven’t tested it with spitballs, which seemed to me to be the more natural ammunition — I’m betting they’d go further.)

The da Vinci Catapult  $18.99.  In stock now.



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