Everything Old is New Again

Now that even the tail end of the Baby Boom generation is approaching retirement age, we are developing our own forms of nostalgia for the experiences of youth.  In the store, we are seeing a fresh interest in retro toys, the toys that we grew up with — classic games, action figures, fashion dolls, and activities.  Two of the most popular retro toys on our store shelves this Christmas are the Chatter Telephone and the Two Tune Music Box TV from Fisher-Price by way of Basic Fun toys.

The Chatter Telephone was introduced in 1961, billed as “the ultimate pretend play toy” with its friendly interactive design.  Technology may have changed — how many children have ever seen a dial telephone? — but this iconic pull toy remains as engaging as ever.  The eyes still roll up and down when the telephone is pulled along by a toddler, and the dial makes a chiming sound.  Bri-i-ing! Bri-i-ing!

The Two Tune Music Box TV has been charming children since 1966.  Wind up the yellow plastic knob (remember when televisions had knobs?) and watch the pictures scroll across the screen.  The TV plays “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” and “London Bridge is Falling Down”.  It does not come in an 80-inch version, or in 3D, and you can’t use your Xbox with it — but it doesn’t need any batteries, either.  Ever.

BF1694  Chatter Telephone  $19.99
BF1696 Two Tune Music Box TV $39.99

In stock now.


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