Schleich Releases 2012 Items Early!

We’ve just received most of the new 2012 figures from toymaker Schleich.  In keeping with Schleich’s tradition of quality toy-making, these new toys — from African Elephants to Storks — are beautiful and playable.

The equine group receives 12 new models, as follows:

  1. #13699 Halflinger foal
  2. #13701 Akhal-Teke mare
  3. #13702 Akhal-Teke foal
  4. #13706 Trained Horse
  5. #13707 Icelandic Pony stallion
  6. #13708 Icelandic Pony mare
  7. #13709 Icelandic Pony foal
  8. #13710 Camargue stallion
  9. #13711 Camargue mare
  10. #13712 Camargue foal
  11. #13713 Tennessee Walker mare
  12. #13714 Tennessee Walker yearling

The horses range in price from $5.99 for the foals to $9.29 for the adults.

#13682, Shropshire lamb

On the farm animal front, Schleich has introduced the Shropshire sheep (#13681, $7.49) and Shropshire lamb (#13682, $3.99).  Also new, and perhaps reflecting the increasing popularity of dairy goat-keeping in North America and Europe, are the Dwarf Goat family (#13715, Dwarf Goat, $5.99; #13716, Dwarf Goat kid, $3.99; and #13717, Dwarf Goat bleating, $3.99).  The farm animal section also welcomes a series of Alpacas (#13703, Alpaca stallion, $7.49; #13704, Alpaca mare, $7.49; and #13705, Alpaca foal, $5.99).

As they have done in past years, Schleich divides its animal models into five distinct price groupings, identifying each group by a coloured dot on the UPC tag.  This makes it easy to figure out the price on any given model, simply by looking for the coloured dot and comparing it to the price sheet on the store display.

#14660, Polar bear cub

There are several new animals that fall into the “wild” or “exotic” categories.  Some are new sculptures of old favourites, such as the polar bears (#14659, Polar bear, $9.29; #14660, Polar bear cub, $3.99) and the gorillas (#14661, Gorilla male, $9.29; #14662, Gorilla female with baby, $9.29; #14663, Gorilla baby, $3.99).

Some, like the Four-Toed Hedgehog (#14676, $3.99) and the skunk (#14672, $3.99) are, I’m pretty sure, entirely new creatures to the Schleich universe of animals.  It will be great to have these little critters to add to the collection!

There are also new human figures available, including a new Farmer (#13467, $7.49) and Farmer’s wife (#13468, $7.49).  The new figures also include some children, modelled so that they can “play” with the dogs and other animals.

Schleich’s growing collection of plastic animals, medieval figures, and fairy characters offers a world of imaginative possibility to the children in your life, a world that they can shape and enjoy on their own terms.

“The debt we owe to the play of imagination is incalculable.”
— Carl Jung

Have a happy and peaceful holiday.

Karin & Richard Belanger


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