New Web Store Coming!

I am hard at work right now building a real e-commerce store out of our website at  Up until now, this has been a purely informational site, largely because in the past I found the whole idea of choosing shopping cart software, arranging payment gateways, and the store-building process pretty daunting.  Now, however, we have finally found some e-commerce software that seems to make the process do-able.

Customers will be able to browse and buy toys, games, puzzles, and other interesting stuff on the site.  We will be able to accept payment by VISA, MasterCard, and PayPal (maybe American Express, too–I’m not sure about that one).  We will be shipping purchases to our customers across Canada and the United States (although local folks may be able to pick up their purchases at the store.)  We’ll also be incorporating this blog into the site somehow, so it will all be at the same URL.  We’ll bring all the archived posts and so on with us (I hope), or, if we can’t, we’ll at least be sure to leave a breadcrumb trail to them!

This is a huge project for us–it’s tantamount to opening another store–but we are very excited by the prospect.  We’ve had lots of customers tell us that this is what they would like to see–that they would like to be able to buy from us online as well as browse–and we’re listening.  We’re hoping to have the whole thing up and running by the beginning of July 2012, although we’ll keep you posted.


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