Citius, Altius, Fortius* And Smurfs

* Faster, Higher, Stronger (motto of the Olympic Games)

In just 90 short days, the 2012 Summer Olympics will open in London, and the world will once again find itself sitting on its sofa in front of the television, intently watching athletes from all around the globe (most of whom they will never have heard of before) compete in sports from archery to wrestling.

Not surprisingly, the British in general and Londoners in particular are bracing for the influx of athletes and spectators, for the crowds and the traffic and the spikes in hotel rates and restaurant costs.

What the world in general may not have counted upon, however, is the arrival of the tiniest athletic delegation of all.  The question for 2012 is:  Has the Olympic movement made provision for the Smurfs?  Because they are already here.

New from Schleich in 2012 are ten Olympic-themed Smurfs.  They represent sporting traditions from the equestrian ring to the swimming pool, and the designs are full of the cheeky humour we’ve come to expect (check out the Usain Bolt-type gold spikes on the sprinter!)

These ten little athletes will be wonderful souvenirs of this summer’s games!

In stock now.


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