Spring Cleaning

I was browsing etsy.com the other day, and happened upon this.

From seller Little Pink Sparkles, here’s a bowl constructed of those classic Green Army Men.  The artist warns that, if you actually put anything into the bowl, it may break:

This bowl is meant for decoration, display, and holding light objects only. Although the bowl is pieced together precisely in order for the army men to attach; the bowl is still fragile and may break if too much weight is placed on or inside of the bowl.

So essentially this is a whole pile of those army men, the ones that cause so much pain when you step on them while you’re walking through the house in your bare feet; only now they are glued together.  To form a bowl that you can’t put anything in.  You can buy it from the artist’s store here.  For $30.00.

Now I’m going upstairs to clean out the kids’ toybox.  Maybe I’ll be able to find enough Lego to fashion some slightly leaky and multi-coloured wine glasses …


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