Playmobil’s Series 3: Great Expectations!

Rumour has it that among the new collectible figures in Playmobil’s Series 3 Figures will be an expectant mother.  According to a story in Toy News, Playmobil head office in Germany is annually bombarded with suggestions and drawings from children around the globe depicting characters and themes they would like to see in future launches, and this year “a pregnant lady” topped the list!

Also rumoured to be among the 24 new characters in Series 3  are a British Guardsman, a pop star, and a Statue of Liberty.

Playmobil’s Figures collections are a blind-bagged series (divided into separate male and female sets of 12) of unique characters not available in other sets.  The figures come in pieces and must be assembled before play.  This modularity means that pieces can be swapped out between characters, allowing almost infinite customization.

Series 3 is due to arrive in the store in September 2012.  Series 2 characters are available right now.


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