Good Things Come in TYNIE Packages!

Nem Tynie, #059

We’ve just received our opening shipment of Tynies, adorable little glass collectible figures.  These teeny little sculptures (the Clown Fish, Nem, shown at left measures about 1.5cm in length and a scant 1cm in height) are just as cute as a bug’s ear, and inexpensive to boot.  The regular characters are CAD$3.99 each, while the licensed characters such as the Smurfs are CAD$4.50 each.

I'm pretty sure this is Jokey, but don't quote me.

Our initial order was for some 40 different styles, including sharks, rabbits, kangaroos, dragons, chicks, elephants, hippos, frogs, and of course Smurfs (Jokey, Baby, Brainy, Azrael, and the iconic Smurf Mushroom).  We’ll be adding more styles as we go along.

You can check out the whole assortment at  These are recommended for ages 8 and up (I mean, they’re about the size of a vitamin tablet.  Definitely not for any child under 4 years of age, and really not for anyone under 8.  You don’t want to be down in Emerg at midnight having a little glass gorilla extracted from your kid’s nostril, right?)


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