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Sew Cute Sock Owl Kit from Creativity for Kids

Sew Cute Sock Owl Kit from Creativity for Kids, one of the new items for 2012

I’ve been spending the last week or so working all day, each day on the Scalliwag Toys  website.

We’re working like crazy to get as many items as possible up there.  Although we’ve had a store website for donkey’s years (at least a decade, maybe more), this is our first Christmas with a fully-functional web store, accessible to anyone with an internet connection anywhere, at any hour of the day or night.  So this year, as a result, we decided to not do a paper Scalliwag Toys Christmas catalogue.

Paper Flying Dragons from Klutz

Paper Flying Dragons!

The paper catalogue, although it had become a Christmas tradition with our customers, had been making us uneasy for a few years now.  Our store inventory runs into the thousands of items, while the paper catalogue could only include about 150; to select so few of them to go into the paper catalogue was very difficult.  What to put in? What to leave out?  We wanted to include more items, with more photos and more detail (even video!)  It was also important to us that we be able to link the web store, the blog, our Facebook page, and our other social media outlets.

And, of course, there’s the fact that the paper catalogue needs to be printed and delivered to our customers somehow–and our customers come from all over the region, or even farther. When we considered how to best get it into the most hands at the lowest possible cost, putting the catalogue onto the website won on all counts.


Could It Be the Scalliwag Toys IT Department? (Photo credit: http://www.shorpy.com)

So now we’re doing that, although of course the website is still very much a work in progress.  If there is something you are looking for and you don’t see it there, please feel free to email me at help at scalliwagtoys dot ca.  At this moment I’m working on listing all the currently-available Playmobil (almost half-way through! Woo-hoo!).  Of course, before I know it the new 2013 Playmobil inventory list will be out, and then there will be more to do!

Have a great weekend.


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