Stuffed With Fun: Oddball Fabric Toys

They say that, somewhere in this world, there is someone for everyone.  In the same way, no matter how weird odd unusual your obsession monomania hobby is, there is a toy or game designer somewhere out there making sure that those pent-up demands can be met.  And their products can all be found on the internet.

1.  Steve Martin rocks your world, you say? And you — coincidentally — need

One of These Performers Works for Scale.

to entertain a fractious toddler strapped into a car seat, or perhaps merely want to create a low-budget reproduction of Saturday Night Live to amuse the old folks?  No problemo.  Designer abbeychristine has created the Steve Martin finger puppet just for you. US$23.00 on

2.  Roadkill.  Is there anything sadder than an innocent furry thing that wanted nothing more than to cross this strangely-smooth ribbon of stone, populated with whooshing noises and gasoline vapors, only to meet his doom under the wheels of an eighteen-wheeler?  Sadder, or cuddlier?


Twitch the Roadkill Raccoon

Now, thanks to a British company called, fittingly, Roadkill Toys, you can memorialize those creatures of woodland or field who stray, and are squashed, by obtaining one of your very own (A facsimile.  Of course.)

Twitch the Raccoon (shown at left) is lovingly crafted of plush and filled with stuffing and plastic beads (to lend it what the manufacturer calls “that squidgy effect”).  The guts can be … ah … removed via a set of zippers in the body.  Call me crazy, but I like the way these guys think.  Their attention to detail (The “body-bag” packaging! The toe-tag product information!) is amazing, and their twisted sense of humor dovetails nicely with our own.  We’re taking a serious look at Roadkill, for once.

3.  For the political junkie, may we present Basock Obama and Mitt

Basock Obama

Basock Obama and Mitt Romknee-High. Pretty cute!

Romknee-High, two politicians ready to heel partisan divisions and knit up their ideological differences.  No attack ads here, no sir.  Just cuddly fun from designer sockdollstories, who hails from Vancouver, BC.  $30.00 on

Usual disclaimer: we don’t actually carry any of these items, nor are we affiliated in any way with their designers or manufacturers.  We just thought that they were kind of neat.


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