Summer’s Almost Over – Let’s Make Some Frozen Goo

elementary schoolFirst, the bad news, kids. You go back to school in less than a week.  On September 3, to be exact.

The good news? You still have the rest of this week and the Labour Day long weekend to squeeze the last drop of goodness from this summer. Lots of time, oodles of time.

Time to make Frozen Goo. This cornstarch-based slime is just right for the hot, humid days of late August. It’s safe, inexpensive, and fun.  Why not whip up a batch and watch the kids enjoy it?


  • cornstarch
  • water
  • liquid food colouring or tempera paint
  • ice cube trays or other freezable containers

Mix water into cornstarch in a roughly 40% water, 60% cornstarch ratio. Just dribble the water into the cornstarch until it starts to look kind of gloopy and will hold its shape in your hand if you pick some up and squeeze it. The cornstarch and water paste is what’s known in chemistry as a thixotropic solution, because it will become liquid when dripped or poured, but will remain solid-ish while standing (ketchup is another thixotropic solution, which explains why it is so difficult to get it out of a glass bottle. Want to know more? Visit It’s the Rheo Thing, a blog devoted polymer chemistry. Lots of explanations there.)

Add some food colouring or paint to the mixture in the ice cube trays if you want brightly coloured goop (I particularly like neon colours).

Freeze, then pop out and let the play begin! (Outdoors is always a good choice for stuff like this, right?)goo 17

Happy Labour Day, folks!


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