New 2013 Fall Specials From Playmobil

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

Robert Brault, American writer.

Every year since 1994, Playmobil has released a dozen or so sets containing only a figure and some small accessories, which quickly became known as the Specials.  Right from the beginning, these were quirky little sets that didn’t really fit into any of the themes current at the time: the first release in 1994 contained, among others, a Sherlock-Holmesian figure with a deer-stalker hat and a magnifying glass; a glow-in-the-dark vampire in faultless evening attire; a cat burglar; and an Elwood Blues lookalike.

Over the years, some of these have become highly collectible, especially those that have never been featured in any other Playmobil set. Many unopened, mint sets have sold on eBay, and other sites frequented by collectors, for as much as ten times their original price.

All good things must come to an end, they say, and so it is with the Specials. The Special has been replaced by (insert drum roll here, please) — the Special Plus! These are Specials with a little something extra: an extra figure, some larger accessory, or even a bit of scenery.  And, astonishingly, Playmobil has managed to do this without increasing the price one penny.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I now present to you — without further ado — the new 2013 Fall Specials! (Or Specials Plus, I guess.) Each is $3.99 plus tax.

  1. 4764.png#4764, Two Children with Toys
  2. 4765.png#4765, Country Woman with Sheep
  3. 4766.png#4766, Pizza Baker
  4. 4767.png#4767, Gloomy Pirate with Treasure Chest

4768.png5. #4768, Lion Knight with Training Dummy

4769.png6. #4769, Barbarian with Dog at Campfire

These sets may indeed be little things, but they have great play value at an unbeatable price. See, kids? Good things do come in small packages.


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