Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings


Feel for his red mug (and possibly his circle head)

Ah, those LEGO® minifigures.  Since LEGO® has seen fit to package the things in opaque foil bags, we are routinely asked for tips on finding the various minifigures in the series.  Is there a way to tell which figure is inside, short of buying the pack and opening it?

Yes and no.  There has been lots of talk over the years about the famous “bump codes” on the foil packets’ bottom edges, in which a pattern of dots (rather like Braille letters) supposedly indicate which minifigure is inside. We have tested these bump codes on past series and found them to be pretty vague indicators. (Plus there are those who claim that the bump codes vary from one production batch to another, which would make the whole exercise useless.)  We’ve found that the most efficient way to determine which minifigure is in the unopened package is simply to feel about through the foil wrapper and try to identify significant clues.

holiday-elfFor example, the elf should be relatively easy: his legs are shorter than average, and the red “Christmas present” is a large square 2 x 2 brick.

scientistSimilarly, the Scientist comes with two Erlenmeyer flasks, which are pretty distinctive.  The Yeti comes with a Popsicle which, if you can find it, feels unlike anything else in the series. Same thing with the Saxophone Player — you really can’t mistake the shape of the saxophone for any of the other bits and pieces.. In this series, each figure has at least one accessory that should help you identify it even through the foil packet.

So, don’t be shy. Express your LEGO® feelings, and you’ll soon find all the minifigures you seek.


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