Warhammer: Visions and White Dwarf — Hot Off the Press!


First issue of the new White Dwarf

The new magazines from Games Workshop are out, and the verdicts are in.  Sort of. (According to the reactions of our customers, if this were a trial, the jury would have been split — the judge would be thanking the jurors for their efforts, and ordering a new trial.)

In case you missed it, Games Workshop has taken its venerable monthly magazine, White Dwarf, and split it into two new versions: a monthly, named Warhammer: Visions; and a weekly, called White Dwarf. This past week saw the release of the inaugural editions of each.

Inaugural issue, Warhammer: Visions

Inaugural issue, Warhammer: Visions

Warhammer: Visions is a chunky, glossy magazine with a smaller footprint than the original — it’s almost the size of a trade paperback book. Warhammer: Visions seems largely to consist of beautiful photographs of exquisitely-painted models: what text there is consists mostly of multilingual captions to the photos.  Warhammer: Visions #1 also contains, in the last few pages, some kit-bashing examples and suggestions.

White Dwarf, on the other hand, seems to be concentrating on a more traditional mixture of news on upcoming releases, special rules sets, and painting tips.  Games Workshop will be moving to a weekly release schedule for new models, and White Dwarf will trumpet each wave one week in advance. The magazine is thinner than the previous version, but the high quality of production is apparent — the paper is thick and glossy, and the photographs are superb.

It remains to be seen whether this splitting of one magazine into two will last, especially since the total cost, for those who wish to continue collecting the whole series, will be more than three times as much as was the previous version (a per-month purchase of $20 for the 4 weekly issues of White Dwarf, plus $13 for Warhammer: Visions.  Plus tax, at least here in Canada). It will be interesting to see whether players, if they choose the weekly White Dwarf over the monthly Warhammer: Visions, decide to buy all four issues per month, or whether they end up cherry-picking.

For the time being, we will be carrying both Warhammer: Visions and the weekly instalment of White Dwarf. As previously, we order a limited number of magazines, and when they are gone, they are gone. Please let us know if you would like us to reserve a copy of either (or both!) for you.


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